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We do our best to use material and products that have either been upcycled, can be recycled or re-purposed, and our candle containers are no different. Once your candle is done, we want you to continue enjoying the container it came in. you can use it for storage or a planter, using the seeded paper that came with it.

To remove the last remnants of wax, you can let it soak in hot water to soften, or fill the container with hot water and let the wax float to the top. After that, wash with soap and water.

Once you are ready to plant, fill the container about two thirds of the way up with potting soil, placing the seed paper towards the top. and water well and frequently ensuring the soil remains moist. We cannot guarantee germination as growing conditions are out of our control, but typically you should see some green shoots in about 3-4 weeks.

We use seeds which are seasonal and able to grow in this climate. The current seeds we are using are MINT.

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