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Did you know every candle has a BURN MEMORY?

Yes… we were just as shocked!

It’s this ‘memory’ that determines how it burns for the rest of its life. It’s also why the first burn is important and should last at least 4 hours, making sure the wax has melted to the edge of the container. After that, like any relationship, it’s a bit of TLC.

Be KIND to your Kindle

Trim the excess wick before each burn and remove debris. When not in use, store your candle in a cool, dry and dark place. Once your candle reaches 1.5cm from the base of the container, it’s time to say adios and bring home a new one.

Never leave a burning candle unattended or within reach of children and pets. Avoid placing your candle near flammable items or materials and keep away from moving air.

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